Available for instant download, these are the top requested resources, free to you so our organizations can get different results than the norm.

Audience Development Toolkit

Audience Development Planning

This packet includes 1) The California Symphony’s original Long Haul audience development plan from 2014, broken out with tactics for each segment to inform your own work. 2) A workbook/exercise/template to help you create your own plan. 3) Steps to coordinate the interdepartmental calendar to execute the plans you’ve made.

DEI performance review template

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tools

This toolkit includes research-backed tips on how to diversify your candidate pools, reduce unintentional bias in hiring and personnel evaluation, performance review templates that are easy and fair to all involved, and the California Symphony’s 2017 commitment to diversity as a sample for you to think through your own DEI plans.

Content Marketing Tree

Content Marketing Calendar + Tracker

How do you audition content and know if it was effective at driving the traffic and engagement you want? How do you know which content was so successful you should repurpose it as many ways as you can so it works even harder for you? How do you know what to stop doing because it’s just not worth it? The answer is to track it. Measure it. This template will help you.