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Call Off the Requiem: The Classical Music Business Is Not Dead Just Yet

September 2019 | Observer

According to Aubrey Bergauer—who has been called ‘the Steve Jobs of classical music’ by colleagues in her sector due to her Midas-like ability to turn around sluggish money-losing orchestras, reversing decades-old trend lines pointing toward fewer (and older) ticket holders—the problem is actually quite simple. >> MORE


California Symphony chief Aubrey Bergauer is going solo

June 2019 | San Francisco Chronicle

Aubrey Bergauer, the dynamic and innovative administrator whose five-year tenure as executive director of the California Symphony helped revitalize the orchestra’s audience base and bottom line, will leave the organization on Aug. 15 to work as an independent arts consultant. >> MORE


The California Symphony doubled its audience using data. How is the Pittsburgh Symphony using data?

May 2019 | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The way we’ve been so data driven, that absolutely should get easier as you get bigger,” said Aubrey Bergauer, president and CEO of the California Symphony. “I think it scales up easier than it scales down, to be honest.” >> MORE


How did California Symphony increase ticket sales? By listening to its audience.

May 2019 | San Francisco Chronicle

Knowing what the audience will and won’t go along with is part of the data-driven mission that Bergauer, 36, brought with her when she came to the Bay Area... A quick-talking dynamo, she bristles with statistics, ideas and sharp new perspectives on the challenges facing symphony orchestras in the 21st century. >> MORE


Aubrey Bergauer is Shaking up the Symphony

April 2019 | Southwest: the Magazine

Behind it all is 36-year-old Bergauer, a fast-talking, blog-writing, numbers-wielding marketing maestro who knows millennials because she is one herself. “My goal is to change the narrative for orchestras. It’s beyond one organization,” Bergauer says…  >> MORE


California Symphony Blows the Roof off the Joint

September 25, 2018 | San Francisco Classical Voice

It couldn’t be clearer that since Cabrera and Bergauer were brought on a few years ago, this orchestra has exploded in terms of enthusiasm, audience engagement, and ambition… >> MORE


Donato Cabrera, Aubrey Bergauer propel California Symphony forward

September 18, 2018 | The Mercury News

Contrary to popular belief, the Bay Area’s classical music scene is alive, well and thriving. For examples, look no further than the California Symphony… >> MORE


Rethinking Subscriptions

Summer 2018 Issue | Symphony magazine

In addition to expanding its subscription offerings, the California Symphony has entirely rethought its audience development model, focusing on the retention of its current audience rather than pursuing new acquisitions who come once, and then never return. Bergauer calls it “the long haul” method… >> MORE


CI To Eye with Aubrey Bergauer: Bucking Trends with Disciplined Communication

February 20, 2018 | Capacity Interactive [Podcast]

Erik and Aubrey talked about the California Symphony's "Orchestra X" project to better understand user experience…They also discussed the California Symphony's disciplined approach to patron communication, as well as their recent Public Organizational Commitment to Diversity across programming, staffing, and the board... >> MORE


What one brilliant arts organization can teach us about fundraising

January 18, 2018 | Hands On Fundraising

How the California Symphony does it? The short version: relentless focus on the customer’s journey with the organization. This involves a next step for everyone they are connected with. And here’s the important part: they market and offer ONLY that next step… >> MORE


The Freakonomics of Fundraising: Part One

March 2, 2017 | Vendini

Executive Director Aubrey Bergauer explained, “Every time we send out a mailing, at least for ticket sales, we go back five years. We’re just wasting money if we continue to mail to these people and we’re not producing returns.” If you’ve ever worked in nonprofit fundraising, this problem will sound very familiar… >> MORE


The Concert Experience Is Once Again A Hot Topic (and that’s a good thing)

February 27, 2017 | Adaptistration

…it is gratifying to see so many other outlets begin to pick up on the work Bergauer and her colleagues are doing. From a historical perspective, this topic probably feels like déjà vu as it tends to make the rounds every decade or so… >> MORE


Luring Millennials Into the Concert Hall

February 21, 2017 | The Wall Street Journal

Anybody who has anything to do with a fine-arts organization would do well to pay a visit to [California Symphony]. It points the way to a new style of audience outreach—one that’s not for millennials only... >> MORE


What our new audience wants

January 27, 2017 | Greg Sandow

Over and over I’ve said that our classical music world doesn’t feel like the world outside, the world most people live in…But one organization that did something to address the problem, bigtime, is the California Symphony, spearheaded by its executive director, Aubrey Bergauer… >> MORE


This Is What You Said, This Is How We Are Fixing It

January 3, 2017 | Butts In The Seats

One thing that impressed me about Bergauer’s nomination were support documents that included the symphony’s blog…the one I appreciated the most discussed the results of discussion sessions they conducted with Millennials and Gen Xers… >> MORE


California Symphony Back in Black Under New Executive Director

September 15, 2015 | San Francisco Classical Voice

Since her arrival, Bergauer has erased the previous year's shortfall of $280,000 and brought the ledger almost to zero — even as the budget increased by 15 percent this year. She has doubled the number of donor households over the previous year; increased individual giving by a third; increased per concert paid attendance by an average of 16 percent over the last season; and inaugurated a collaboration with Postmodern Jukebox… >> MORE


California Symphony’s future looks bright with Aubrey Bergauer on board

August 13, 2015 | The Mercury News

When Aubrey Bergauer started her job as executive director of the California Symphony in 2014, she arrived with a mission — to save an organization that was struggling and deeply in debt. Flash forward to today… >> MORE