Capacity Interactive Digital Marketing Boot Camp | Photo: Jan Wandrag

Capacity Interactive Digital Marketing Boot Camp | Photo: Jan Wandrag


The Long Haul Model: A New Paradigm that Solves the Problems of Audience Attrition, Churn, and Aging

Over the last five seasons, after a calculated change in approach to audience development strategy, the California Symphony has dramatically grown their audience and donor base, counter to the trends for orchestras across the country. Called “The Long Haul Model,” a disciplined focus on patron retention over the long term has grown audiences by 97%, increased subscription revenue by over 70%, and nearly quadrupled the donor base. Executive Director Aubrey Bergauer will share the details of operational implementation of the model, how the model scales to different budget sizes, why the board should care, and how you can apply this work to serve your organization.


Audience Development and the Concert Experience: 21st Century Lessons Not Just for Millennials

Everyone's talking about how to attract millennial audiences, but one orchestra's findings show that the music itself isn't the problem, and the solutions aren't just for millennials. These results of the California Symphony's "Orchestra X" project on user experience went viral with tens of thousands of hits, and ultimately received attention from The Wall Street Journal, who wrote, "What is most striking about these changes is that you don’t have to be under 35 to appreciate them...they’re common-sense responses to the unmet needs of potential concertgoers of all ages." Hear how the California Symphony implemented changes based on their findings, how their concerts are selling out because of it, and how your organization can take real (and easy!) actionable steps to do the same.


Customized Professional Development

From a talk on Strategies for Millennial Leaders to a session on the Differences Between Small and Large Arts Organizations (And the Challenges and Advantages of Each), to a panel discussion on Gender in Orchestras, content addresses the industry question you’re scratching your head about.


Workshops & Training

Half day or full day depending on the depth wanted, organizations have requested workshops on the Long Haul Model, staff off-sites to devise revamped marketing plans based on current trends in consumer behavior, talks at board meetings, and advice on how to launch your own Orchestra X type research.